'Remember, remember the 5th of November' - Whilst we humans love watching fireworks and lighting a sparkler or two around this time of year, remember that this can be very stressful for our pets. Every year, social media is flooded with reports and videos of dogs who are terrified by the loud booms and bangs. It's a time of year many pet owners dread and although dog owners are powerless when it comes to stopping firework displays, there are measures you can take to help your dog or cat during this time. So, with Guy Fawkes fast approaching, make sure to have fun responsibly by taking care of your pets to help them feel safe and calm in their home.

Top tips for dogs and cats

- Keep cats and dogs inside when fireworks are let off.

- Walk your dog earlier rather than later – fireworks are less likely to be set off during daylight hours, so take them out before the festivities begin.

- Prepare a safe space or den for your pet to retire to or hide in when the fireworks start up. Naturally, this may help them feel safe and secure.

- Place their favourite toy, blanket or towel in their safe space so that they have familiar smells to keep them content.

- When it starts to get dark, close all the curtains, shut windows and doors and block off cat flaps.

- As always (but it’s even more important at fireworks time of year!) make sure your pet is wearing a collar with an ID tag, and that your microchip details are up to date. This is useful in case they get a fright and venture off your property.

- Consider turning on the TV or putting on some calming music to mask the loud noises outside.

- Before the fireworks start, make sure that your dog or cat’s surroundings are secure and that they won’t be able to escape if they become stressed.

- It's important that we, as their pack leader, stay calm and act normally. This will help our pets feel that all is normal and ill help limit stress/anxiety. 

- Keep your dog stimulated in the evening by playing with their favourite toys.

- You could also keep them entertained by filling their Kong, Interactive toy or puzzle feeder with their favourite treats - they are a great way to keep your dog entertained, and they can distract from the noises outside too!

- Let your dog come to you and leave you as they please. If they want to cuddle, that’s fine. If they want to be alone, that’s also fine.