Our Story


In Japanese philosophy ‘Ki’ is often interpreted as spirit or lifeforce – the flow of internal energy if you like. At Nature’s Ki we believe that your pets are individuals, each with complex personalities and unique needs. However, what they all hold in common is the key to happy, healthy pet longevity starts with high-end nutrition as it’s main cornerstone.

Nature’s Ki is a group of dedicated people who want to make a profound positive difference to the lives of every pet we serve. Everyone in our team, whether they are in sales, customer service, marketing, accounts or distribution; all aspire to the vision of world-class Pet Well-being. Together with our carefully chosen industry partners we are unashamedly shifting the paradigm of what it means to be entrusted with a pet, and therefore empowering pet lovers to truly care for their furry whanau. Most of us have experienced a personal story to tell of how a certain formula, product or piece of advice has improved the lives of our own pets, changed or saved lives and would love to share our experiences and knowledge and hear your story in return. It’s just what gets us up in the morning. 

We welcome you to join our company philosophy and be part of the exciting movement that is quintessential in how we care and connect with our furry families. We are committed to continuing our quest towards pet well-being and the best pet care products available anywhere in the world.


We only carry the best, world class products that fit the ‘naturals’ sector, enhance pet wellbeing, and are good for the environment. Our brands are carefully selected from the world’s leading, innovative pet companies and we aim to be at the forefront of latest thinking when it comes to supplying pet products to New Zealanders.

Our Orijen and Acana brands have been a perfect fit in aligning Champion Petfoods commitment to be the world’s most trusted pet food with the growing trend in pet lovers looking for a more natural, high protein, zero grain, dry food for dogs and cats.

Consequently, Orijen and Acana pet foods have grown to be two of the most sought-after brands for discerning pet lovers across New Zealand. If you want the absolute best, highest quality nutrition, unmatched quality of ingredients, unparalleled cooking methods, you needn’t look any further.  Orijen and Acana will stand up to nutritional analysis scrutiny, compared to any other brand worldwide and outshine on any and every level. 


Nature's Ki was born as a result of a dissatisfaction of the local offerings in the pet food industry and absence of quality nutrition. Looking for the best dog food we came upon Orijen and Acana by award-winning Champion Petfoods. Being passionate owners of the Dogue de Bordeaux and Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeds, we cannot begin to tell you the difference this level of quality has made to our dogs, overall.

“We saw the difference very quickly in our dogs and knew we were onto a winner not only in the dogs' physical and emotional appearance, but also the supreme integrity of the ingredients” David Graham: Director, Nature's Ki

Meet the team

Since working as a vet nurse for 15yrs, animals have always been my passion.
I made the transition to sales where I worked selling and educating people on the benefits of feeding quality dog and
cat food.
Most recently I was an explosive detector dog handler at Auckland airport, training and deploying my dog for the past 9 years.
I have two dogs and a cat and enjoy hiking and playing hockey and golf in my spare time. I look forward to sharing the benefits with you that great nutrition brings to our much loved fur babies.

Contact: deborah@natureski.co.nz
Lily Mihaila territory manager - lower north
Lily worked in the veterinary and pharmaceutical industry in Europe for a number of years.  After immigrating to NZ, she adjusted her profession to the clean, green and natural environment of the country attaining further study in the field of homeopathy.  Her belief is that many diseases and ailments can be prevented or assisted through healthy nutrition and a natural approach.
Contact: lily@natureski.co.nz
Nick Hampson territory manager - south Island
Nick's background is in retail and territory sales management, and most recently over the last decade in the pet specialty industry.  Nick has always had a passion for sales and retail and will certainly try wherever possible to help his clients' business prosper. Nick's passion for retail is only outweighed by his desire to inform and advise on the absolute benefits of feeding the best quality foods available to your fur babies, especially cats and dogs.  After all, there is so much truth in "we are what we eat".
Contact: nick@NaturesKi.co.nz
Bex Graham Territory manager - upper north
Since working at a pet shop when she was a teenager, Bex has known that her calling is to help and educate people as to what is best for their pets. Following her pet shop days, Bex has been a senior vet nurse for over 10 years before joining the Nature's Ki team more recently.  At home, Bex has a grumpy black and white cat named Buzz and a rescue dog called Finley.
Contact: bex@natureski.co.nz
Di Mathias  TERRITORY MANAGER - Upper North
Transitioning from the grocery space to pet well-being has combined my passions for Territory Management and ensuring excellent nutrition for our Fur Kids. With a deep affinity for animals, I prioritize providing top-tier nutrition from junior to senior stages and every year in between. Having rescued dogs, pigs, goats, steers, and horses, and with a love for the ocean and traveling, I am now on a mission to share this message with spectacular brands to represent and a supportive team backing me.

Contact: di@natureski.co.nz
David Graham Director
David is a long time passionate student and researcher of nutrition and all aspects of natural health.  His research lead to the quick realisation that Orijen is unequaled by any other dog food worldwide on any nutritional level. As a NZKC registered dog breeder of over 30 years we just knew that NZ needed the world's best dog food. Our kennels and pups have never looked better, maintain constant vibrant health and have next-to-no issues or ailments.  There is no question that 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'.  Feed optimum nutrition at all times and never look back.                                                     
Vanessa Graham Director
Aka David’s better half and the mother of their 3 human babies, 11 furrkids and many feathered friends. Vanessa is extremely proud of what Nature's Ki has achieved over the past 15 years and the people on the journey with us. Nature's Ki was purely born out of our love for animals and their well-being.  It's been our mission to provide only the best for our pets and to share it with NZ pet owners.  We will continue to grow our knowledge with the most modern nutritional research, increase awareness, educate and provide only world leading, natural products for all pet owners of NZ to enjoy. 
Louby Ryan General manager
Favourite quote: Life is not a dress rehearsal. Louby comes from a diverse background and has always had a deep seated passion for animals and their welfare. It was after a trip through Africa that cemented Louby’s direction into Vet Nursing, and within vet nursing comes the adoption her first cats. In 2013 Louby joined the team at Nature's Ki  as our National Sales Representative and now has moved into the role of General Manager.  
Sophie Landes Marketing MANAGER
Sophie joined the Nature's Ki Marketing team at the start of 2021 when she made the move from London to Whangarei. She has worked in Marketing for over9 years, both for large-scale Agencies and smaller brands.  Sophie has expanded her pack here in NZ, welcoming a Golden Retriever named Murphy.
"I had heard great things about Orijen before arriving in New Zealand, and now I have a dog of my own, I wouldn't feed him anything else!"
Tania Fenton Marketing assistant & Graphic Designer
Tania joined the Nature’s Ki marketing team at the end of 2020,  but has been aware of the Orijen and Acana brands since Jen, the black Labrador joined her family. “All I had to do was read the ingredients list on the back of the bag – it was a no-brainer. Jen and our cat have been fed Orijen ever since.” Tania lives with Jen the dog, Barry and Buddy the cats, chooks, and a few humans too.
Michele Clough Financial controller 
Michele is the latest addition to our team making the move to Whangarei in 2024. A keen Pickleball player and animal lover, Michele has a particular interest in nutrition; 'What we eat makes a difference to our wellbeing - same goes for our animals!'.
Michele is a dog lover and proud grandmother to Frank and a mum to 3 daughters Olivia, Sydney and Georgia. 
Sam Pram Accounts & DIspatch coordinator
Rejoining the Nature's Ki team as part of our accounts and dispatch team, Sam and her husband live on a working farm along with their daughter, 5 dogs, 2 cats, and many other four-legged farm animals.

'We need to feed our dogs high-quality food to fuel them on the farm and we find Acana the best to keep them sporty and agile alongside their RAW diet!'
Mia Graham Accounts & DIspatch coordinator
Rochelle Tippett Executive Assistant
Born and bred in Taranaki, Rochelle moved to the 'winterless north' with her family and joined the Natures Ki team in 2021.
I have 1 fur baby at home my grandson “Timone”, a beautiful Tabby cat who loves Orijen and Acana food. I love to spend time in the garden, at the beach and with friends and family.
Brenda Timewell Warehouse Manager
Brenda started with Nature's Ki in 2015 and like her twin sister Bex, is also a big animal lover. Brenda and her three kids have cats and also foster various animals.
Bex Te Namu dIspatch professional
Bex joined the Nature's Ki team in 2012 and has a huge love for all animals! She has owned everything from horses to chickens with her husband and two kids.
Brooklyn Gilmour dIspatch professional
Booklyn is part of our efficient Dispatch department and is an integral member of the warehouse team.
Bronson Pai dIspatch professional
Bronson is part of our marvelous warehouse team but always happy to get stuck into other tasks and help out the wider team.