How To Exercise With Your Dog

The new year is a time when we all look to start new exercise routines and get into shape. If you own a dog, you've probably  wondered how to incorporate your dog into your new routine. But before hitting the neighborhood with your new running buddy, there are a few things you should know...


How long should my puppy be on a puppy diet? Or when should I transition my puppy to adult dog food? Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs, and it is recommended they continue to follow a puppy diet until they reach their full maturity. Use this post to help you see when is best to move your puppy onto adult recipes. 

12 Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe Over Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to spend quality time with family, friends and our pets! However, it can also be a stressful period for our furry friends. Read our NEW BLOG POST to see how you and your Whānau can keep your pets safe this festive season!

Keeping your pet cool in summer

Did you know dogs and cats can get sunburn? Or that panting is not as effective for cooling down short-nosed dog breeds? Keeping your pets cool during summer is vital - and this post will show you how you can! 

Fireworks – 12 Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe And Stress Free

For some pets, especially dogs and cats with particularly noise-sensitive ears, the sound of fireworks can cause intense fear responses. Explosions, bangs and even shrieks of delight can cause increased anxiety. Here are our 12 TOP TIPS for reducing their stress levels and to help keep them safe!

Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

With Halloween close approaching, we see more and more black cats used in stories and the big question is - Are Black Cats Bad Luck? This blog post aims to reveal all about the legends and myths surrounding black cats! 

Top 10 Dog Training Tips

There is a lot more to dog training than meets the eye! It takes consistency, patience and a little bit of know-how to fully get to grips with it. Lucky for us with these handy tips from Dusty Dingo Dog Training, the options of what you can teach are endless! 


For dogs to be happy and comfortable in the world of humans, socialization is so important. Many dogs lack basic social skills, either because of limited exposure to other dogs and people, or a lack of positive experiences. Here are some tips and a checklist to help you prepare and socialise your new pet!

Pets With Itchy Skin - Why They Itch & How To Help

Just like humans, there are many reasons why your pet may by itchy. At Nature's Ki we believe that it can be as simple as changing their diet! So how can we tell what's causing the itch and what can we do to help? 

Why Should You Go Beyond The 1st Ingredient?

When it comes to ACANA & ORIJEN pet food recipes, they always go beyond the first ingredient. It's important to look at the entire recipe in order to make an informed decision about what pet food is best for your dog or cat.
So what does it mean to 'Go Beyond the 1st Ingredient' with our pet food? This post reveals all...

A Vet Answers 5 Top Questions About How to Take Care of a New Puppy

Wondering how to best prepare for & care for a new puppy in your life? Explore questions & answers from a vet for recommendations about life with a new puppy.

How To Move House - With A Cat!

Cats are notoriously territorial and resistant to change, so it should come as no surprise that moving houses is not high on their list of favorite things. Never fear, though - Follow the World's Best Cat Litter easy guide on how to move with a cat to make moving as stress-free as possible for everyone.