World's Best Cat Litter

How strong smelling is the scented litter?

The Lavender scent in World's Best Cat Litter Scented Multi-Cat Formula is quite subtle and so should not be over-powering, However, if you or your pets are sensitive to fragrances, we recommend using our Original Unscented or Multiple Cat Unscented formulas, which are fragrance free.

What makes World’s Best Cat Litter environmentally friendly?

All World’s Best Cat Litter® formulas are made with natural and renewable ingredients. Our formulas contain no synthetic additives, chemicals, clays or perfumes, and they are made from sustainably grown ingredients—not mined or drilled using heavy equipment. We use an advanced, patented process to create formulas that harness the natural absorbency of renewable ingredients. World’s Best Cat Litter® contains no artificial chemicals or silica dust, so it’s pet, people and planet friendly!

How Should I Store my World's Best Cat Litter?

World’s Best Cat Litter® is a natural product, so bugs may be attracted to the litter if they gain access. Seal the package or store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place.

Is World's Best Cat Litter Flushable?

Yes! All World’s Best Cat Litter® formulas have undergone rigorous testing to confirm they are sewer and septic safe. Unlike clay-based litters, World’s Best Cat Litter® harnesses the long-lasting power of naturally absorbent corn, so you can simply scoop, flush and move on with your day!