Isolating at home?
5 at-home activities for you and your pet!

We all know being stuck at home is no fun, but our pets think it's fantastic! All day with your undivided attention, to them, isolation is time to play, snuggle up on the sofa and bond with you! 

Here are our 5 easy, at-home, FREE activities you can do with your pet to make your time in isolation a little more fun! 

#1 Balloon keepIE-uppies 

All you need to play is a balloon for you and your dog to play keepie-uppies!

You don't have to worry about breaking or damaging any pots or pictures around the house, this easy at-home game is perfect for any age and great fun for your dog too! The aim of the game is to make sure the balloon doesn't hit the floor! How many times can you and your dog pass the balloon to each other without it touching the floor?


Not only is this a great way to train a new puppy to come when you call their name, this is a fun game for kids and pets! Ask the kids to hide around the house, then ask them to softly call out the dogs name. Wait for the dog to start searching and see how long it takes for the dog to find them!

#3 Fetch

Fetch isn't just a game for the park! It's a great game for the garden or around the house. It's a good training exercise to improve your dog's recall, practise their sit and stay commands, as well as learn other key skills your puppy or dog needs! 

To play fetch, simply through their favourite ball or toy away from you and wait for the dog to bring it back to you.

MAKE IT HARDER: To challenge your dog, or provide an additional level of training, ask your dog to sit before you throw the toy. Once it lands, wait for the dog to look at you, and say 'fetch' to release them from their 'sit'. Then, once the dog brings the toy back, before they drop the toy, ask them to sit again.

#4 Treasure Hunt

Why not have a treasure hunt around the house with your pet? Any treats will do, but Orijen and Acana freeze dried treats will also make the ideal pet treasure! Simply hide them around the house at nose-height spots and let the hunt begin!

#5 Obstacle Course Dash

Create an obstacle course for your pet!

Dogs love to run, weave and jump so why not get them active, work on their agility, and help them learn some new tricks at the same time! Create an obstacle course inside with couch pillows, a mop and the laundry basket. Or head into the garden and use logs, buckets and a broom, anything will do to make a fabulous obstacle course! 

With your cat, make it an indoor course. They can dive under the coffee table, jump over a shoe box, or run through a pillow tunnel. Use a feather or net bag full of tasty cat treats on a stick to lure them through your course!