We Are the Original!

The Original Poop Bags® has been dedicated to saving the
Earth by creating award-winning dog waste bags since 2003!

Right from the start, well before the rest of the world woke up
to the environmental impact of plastic bags, we aimed to be
an eco-friendly company, producing eco-friendly products.
We take great pride in making the world a better place for generations
to come. No matter which bags you choose from our range,
you can rest assured that we've done our homework and you're
helping save the Earth, one poop at a time... 

When you purchase compostable products from our YOU BUY; WE DONATE® range, 5% of each sale is donated to the Jane Goodall Institute. JGI focuses on working with local communities to improve the lives of people, animals and the environment.

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Shelf stable life of 12 to 18 months.

There are no chemical additives to enhance decomposition. The bags degrade naturally when exposed to the earth’s elements and micro-organisms in the soil.

Our bags “breathe,” allowing heat and moisture to escape or evaporate. This feature reduces bacterial build-up of collected waste, thus reducing odour.

Will decompose in a commercial composting environment between 40 and 90 days after use and in a natural setting at an extended rate comparable to other naturally compostable materials, such as paper, leaves and food waste.

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