Transitional Feeding

Dogs and cats are often fed the same food for a long period of time, which means a sudden food change makes it difficult for their digestive systems to adapt. That’s why it’s important to introduce new food gradually. Find out how to do it with this blog post...

10 Easy Cat Toys You Can Make At Home!

Kiwi cats are the BEST cats! Full of energy and have the best backyard. With winter very much in full swing, how do we keep our cats occupied and engaged whilst they spend more time inside? Here are a handful of some of the toys you can make at home for your cats!

Notice A Difference In Your dog or cat's Health - Take Our 8-Week Challenge

You could see a difference in your dog or cat's health in just 8 weeks - Don't believe us? Take our 8 week challenge! Our award-winning Biologically Appropriate pet food ranges provide virtually every nutrient your pet needs for peak health and conditioning without the need for added synthetic ingredients.

DO OUR PETS NEED CARBOHYDRATES? How To Manage Your Dog Or Cat's Weight With Their Diet

If dogs and cats are carnivores, evolved for an almost exclusively meat-based diet, then why do other pet foods contain such high levels of grain, cereal and carbohydrate? Our protein-rich recipes nourish as nature intended to help pets thrive! 

Nutrients Your Cat Needs To Live Its Best Life!

We all love our favorite feline friends, they give us so much joy and love that we always want the best for them. Providing key nutrients for your cat sets a baseline for everything else and is truly the foundational element to their long-term well-being.

What Does WholePrey Mean?

In nature there're no synthetic food supplements. Wolves and wildcats derive their nutritional needs by consuming prey animals. Our recipes mirror this to incorporate nutrients naturally without the need for synthetic ingredients.

How To: Cat Proof Your Home

Check out these 12 helpful tips from World's Best Cat Litter to create a safe environment and cat-proof your home, so that your cat can roam free without causing you to worry!

8 Ways to Spend More Time with Your Dog

Spending time with your dog is one of the best ways to boost your mood and improve health and wellness. From walking them to feeding nutritious food like Orijen and ACANA, here's a few simple ways you can spend more time with your four-legged bestie....


A number of things can cause your cat stress, but change is at the heart of most of them. Houseguests, separation from you, moving to a new home, visits to the vet, a new dog, cat or kid in the family – these can all send kitty’s anxiety level sky-high! See how to recognize and reduce stress in your cat...

Is Your Cat Litter Naturally Safe?

Parents wouldn’t let their child play in a sandbox if they knew it was full of potentially harmful chemicals. Shouldn’t the same go for our furry friends and that whatever litter you choose to put in your cat’s box it is safe and sustainable?

Are You Using Too Much Cat Litter?

When it comes to cat litter, it’s easy to think that more is better. But many cat parents actually use too much cat litter. So, how can you tell if you’re using too much cat litter? And how much cat litter is just right? Here’s the scoop...


We all know about dogs suffering from separation anxiety, but do cats suffer from it as well? According to several vets and animal behaviourists, cats are likely to suffer some form of separation anxiety after lockdowns lift.

Cats Catching Birds & Killing Wildlife |  How To Stop It

New research shows that domestic cats will hunt birds and native wildlife less if they are fed a high-protein, high-meat diet. This post explores what you can do to stop your cats catching and killing native birds and wildlife.

MARCH | Poison Prevention Awareness Month

March is Poison Prevention Awareness month! This post aims to raise awareness and inform the Nature's Ki community about just some of the common foods, plants and household items which may be poisonous to our pets.

Biodegradable Poop Bags vs Compostable Poop Bags - What's the Difference?

We all want to do our bit for the planet and we try and be as environmentally friendly as possible but when faced with Biodegradable Poop Bags or Compostable Poop Bags are some better than others? What's the difference? Which are best for me? This post explores all those questions you ask yourself and can help you choose which Poop Bags are best for you and your fury friend!

The digestibility of dog food

What exactly is the digestibility of karma? Which determines? How to rate it? In this post, we will try to answer these questions and bring closer the issues of digestibility of our Biologically Appropriate Food.


Are you long haired? Polydactyl? Complete this quiz to find out what kind of cat you are, plus your perfect litter!


Is your cat a fan of the music you play? Probably not. But they may be a fan of music that mimics their natural noises, like purring!

FAQs - Ingredients & Percentages: What Customers Need to Know

Pet food bag labels can be confusing, but our bags are designed to be simple and clear giving you all the information you will need to make sure you buy and feed the best possible food to meet your pet's needs.

New Orijen & Acana Red Meat Formulas arriving soon

Introducing our NEW ORIJEN and ACANA Red Meats formulas! Featuring unmatched inclusions of Red Meats such as Ranch-Raised Beef and Plains Bison, these formulas nourish all breeds of dogs and cats, of all life stages according to their evolutionary and biological needs. Our NEW formulas are now available to purchase from our stockists! You can find your closest store by clicking on the read more link.


A recent blog post from Norway discussed the digestibility of kibble and stated that fresh meats don't impact final digestibility of the product! The use of fresh & raw meats in ORIJEN & ACANA dog/cat food is one way they set themselves apart in the industry. Traditional pet foods use little to no fresh meat; instead, they use high-temperature-rendered meat meals to achieve a desired protein level and animal ingredient target. We are committed to the health and well-being of your pets and to nourishing them as Mother Nature intended.

Acana Singles Rotational Feeding Guide

WHAT IS ROTATIONAL FEEDING? Rotational feeding refers to a diet rotation that provides pets with regular dietary changes. Find out what's best for your pet in this blog post.

Understanding Ingredient Panels

Get the scoop on ingredient panels! There’s a lot of information on any given bag of pet food and it's important to understand how to properly read an ingredient panel. This post will help you navigate and choose the best food for your pet. 

Corn vs Clay: What types of cat litter to buy & why

There are a lot of options when it comes to cat litter and we know sometimes it can all be a bit overwhelming. This post breaks down your options, and what you should look for when choosing your litter.